Manchester, Connecticut

Fee Schedule

Town of Manchester
Cemetery Department
Fee Schedule
Adult lot cost per grave space $1000.00
Veteran lot cost** $525.00
Cremation/Infant lot cost $425.00
Welfare lot cost $0.00
Additional Burial Right $250.00
Each grave space includes two (2) burial rights except an Infant Lot which has one (1) burial right.
Grave space is donated by the Town of Manchester for residents who are welfare recipients.
Interment (includes grass and device)  
Adult $950.00
Veteran** $500.00
Child (72" vault or less) $300.00
Infant (30" vault or less) $300.00
Cremation $400.00
Cremation larger than 15" on any dimension and urn vaults $500.00
Welfare Resident - Adult $300.00
Saturday Surcharge - Cremation $550.00 plus interment fee
Saturday Surcharge - Earth Burial $750.00 plus interment fee
Disinterment Vault $1,200.00
Re-interment Vault $1,200.00
Winter Service Charges - Nov 1 - Apr 15 $200.00
Monument/Marker Application Fee $35.00

**Veteran information MUST be provided at the time of scheduling.
   Refunds will NOT be issued.

Grave space and interment are donated by the Town of Manchester for residents who are active duty personnel of the Armed Forces.

Printable copy of the fee schedule available here.
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