Manchester, Connecticut

Fee Schedule

Town of Manchester  
Cemetery Department  
Rate Schedule Effective April 1, 2016  
Lot Sales
Adult lot cost per grave space $900.00
Veteran lot cost** $525.00
Cremation lot cost $350.00
Infant lot cost $350.00
Interment (include grass and device)
Adult $850.00
Veteran** $500.00
Child (72" vault or less) $300.00
Child (30" vault or less) $300.00
Cremation $300.00
Welfare Resident - Adult $300.00
Saturday surcharge $650.00 (plus interment fee)
Sunday/Holiday surcharge $1050.00 (plus interment fee)

Note: Sunday and Holiday interments are not permitted except for emergencies and religious purposes and only with the approval of the General Manager or his designee.


** Veteran infomation MUST be provided at time of scheduling. Refunds will NOT be issued.