Manchester, Connecticut

General Information

Cemetery Office:
321 Olcott Street
Manchester, CT 06040
fax: 860-647-3237
Maintenance Office:
East Cemetery
220 East Center Street
Manchester, CT 06040
John Gorman, Sexton
Laura Waller

Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 3:30 pm
By Appointment Only

The Town of Manchester's four cemeteries encompass 125 acres with approximately 50 acres undeveloped. The maintenance and development of Manchester's cemeteries is an ongoing process. Though many areas are at capacity, we continue to expand to meet the needs for the residents of the Town of Manchester. Currently, we are developing areas within East, Buckland and Hillstown cemeteries. Hillstown Cemetery is dedicated to veterans, as are sections within East Cemetery.

We provide vital services for interments and disinterments, including preparing the grave site for service, assisting funeral directors and vault companies, and perpetual care of the lot. Our records, which are updated daily, provide valuable information to families and friends of the deceased, funeral homes, monument companies and genealogists.

We are proud of the Town of Manchester Cemeteries' park-like appearance. Our dedicated full-time staff ensures the grass is cut; flowers are planted; trees and bushes are pruned; leaves are cleared; and snow is removed in a timely manner.
Cemetery Locations (Directions)
East Cemetery
 220 East Center St.
 Buckland Cemetery
 1210 Tolland Tpke.
 Hillstown Cemetery
 180 Hillstown Rd.
 West Cemetery
 271 Spencer St.
Cheney Cemetery is located near the northeast corner of East Cemetery and is owned by the Cheney Cemetery Association. Beth Shalom Memorial Park is located in the  southeast corner of East Cemetery.